Edmond Nguyen

Partner and Lean Consultant

Ihave worked for 12 years as a manager of information systems and project manager in the banking and insurance industries. I discovered the Kaizen spirit and the benefits of a “learning organization” while working at a major Japanese carmaker. This experience strengthened my convinction that continuous improvement is the right management tool to support sustainable efficiency.
Later on, I started working as a consultant in interim management in order to share my experience. During one mission with a global energy leader, I applied the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach in the context of CSR, placing the human factor at the heart of the company’s success.
I joined Operae Partners in order to become a Lean consultant where my role is to support our clients’ development by reinforcing project management teams with the Obeya method.

Lean IT focuses on respect for the human being and leads everyone on a team to share the same values. The team can then deliver more than the sum of its individual accomplishments