Habib Nouar

Lean Coach

As an engineer, I started my career in IT as a project manager consultant. A that time, I managed a support team based in India with whom we practiced Lean and successfuly improved their delivery time form 23 days to only 1. This wonderful gap in performance is not what surprised me the most.  Actually, I was impressed by the impact it had on the memebrs of the team: « Habib, it changed my life at work! ». This improvement of worklife has been an eye opener for me.  It made me understand that as Lean management focuses on the value for the customer, it helps the organization to progressively reach the required level of performance and to improve its employees work life quality.

This experience made me want to join Operae Partners whose team of coaches train their customers on a day to day basis to adopt Lean. Today as a Lean coach, my wish is to succeed in my missions to support our customer’s teams and their managers on their way to continuous improvement.

To me Lean management is a philosophy that encourages us to always shift our point of view, to listen carefully to the customer and to look at the products with respect, while supporting the teams skills development.