Jean-Guy Ahanda

Lean coach

My first professional experiences were more in the field of IT systems and production, where I had the chance to discover kaizen while working as an operations manager for a French car manufacturer. Subsequently, this rich experience in continuous improvement in the IT world enabled me to develop my experience in companies other than manufacturing, such as services, finance and telecommunications, as a senior consultant in continuous improvement and transformation management.

With a scientific and legal background (Master’s degree in IT law), I’m curious and always on the lookout for new knowledge, and enjoy passing on my experience to companies. After several years, I turned to consulting, coaching and training.

Subsequently, I offered my services in higher education, as a consultant trainer, giving courses in Lean IT, Lean management, Agile and Kaizen at engineering schools and universities, and also in companies, while at the same time working as a consultant and coach.

I’ve noticed that Lean IT is starting to become part of corporate strategy, where performance, human and business values are becoming essential to success.

I joined Operae to become one of the players driving change towards IT excellence in companies, by combining training and coaching.