Thierry Swiergiel

Lean coach

I have practiced continuous improvement for more than ten years as a plant manager. Lean accompanied me to give energy to the organization with a real method. Faced with more global challenges in the company, I managed various technical and administrative projects with the same Lean foundations for respect deadlines, satisfy customers and deliver results.

With an industrial background, I also acquired a Master’s degree in business development and strategy, I then expanded my Lean experience in the sales department as a regional sales manager to develop the sales network and improve the efficiency of people and activities at our customers and also in our administrative services.

With this global approach to the company, I joined Operae Partners as a Lean coach to support teams through change. The Lean practiced at Operae Partners achieves this evolution of culture and corresponds to the values to which I am attached.

“When the Lean approach is engaged, the results are visible to customers, to the company, to all employees”