We share our continuous improvement methods with your teams until the first results arise. Afterwards, they keep improving and enjoy doing so.

Discover how we can help you:

We will help you solve one of your issues by coaching your teams with the proven method that will best match your needs: MethodeOne and MethodeAlpha.

Integrate one of our Lean and agile expert to strengthen your teams, with your working methods: MethodeTwo

Hand over the management of your major project to one of our Project Directors who will successfully deliver your IT product thanks to the Obeya.

Our clients' feedbacks

« The relationship within the team has greatly imporved, we now know what teamwork means »
« Now, we better understand the problems faced by the others »
« Putting things on the wall helps us evaluate our work »
« We find the daily meetings very useful as they give us the opportunity to review the situation with our colleagues »
« Thanks to Lean, we have questionned the way we used to deal with the stock of files  »
« The quality of our work improved and so did the satisfaction of our customers »
« With the Lean approach, the team fixes her own objectives they are not imposed to her. »
 « I really enjoyed this human adventure and learnt a lot thanks to you coaches. »
« It has been really useful, the figures prove it! »

Improvement examples

lean improvement examples operae partners

lean improvement examples operae partners