Our Lean experts frequently speak at conferences, here a some of their talks and articles

Lean in the Services industry

Marie-Pia Ignace is a well known specialist of lean management in the services industry and especially in Lean banking: she introduced the main principles of Lean management at  Colloque ACORS 2013. At Journée Lean Services de 2012, she explained what respect for people is about. Both videos are in French.

The principles of Lean management by Marie-Pia Ignace

Lean in services and respect for people by Marie-Pia Ignace

Lean: A Strategy For The Digital Transformation

Lean and Agile, what's the difference by Régis Medina

How to lead the IT transformation with Lean by Marie-Pia Ignace

Lean IT

Listen to the pionneers and leading Lean IT experts: Marie-Pia Ignace explained how to lead the IT transformation at the Lean IT Summit 2014.

If you think Lean and agile are the same think, think again! And listen to Régis Medina much needed explaination at Lean IT Summit 2013.

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  • Combining an Agile and Lean approach, Régis Medina’s interview on InfoQ.
  • Lean & Testing : multiplier par 3 la productivité d’une équipe de test logiciel de Jean-Luc Cossi sur Le Cercle des Echos.
  • Read Sandrine Olivencia’s article Lean project management using obeya in InfoQ.