Marie-Pia Ignace

Founder and CEO

I coach board members in deploying highly efficient Lean transitions, while respecting all the people involved. My clients derive three main advantages from Lean: increased client satisfaction, improved cost base and workers who obtain results they are proud of. I am particularly experienced with the banking and insurance sectors, where I have piloted many Lean programs.

To spread Lean throughout the services industry and develop best practices, I co-founded the French Lean Institute – a member of the Lean Global Network – and also created several open platforms for people to share their know-how and experiences:

Before founding Operae Partners, I managed large operations (between 100 and 300 people). As a manager I always keep three priorities in mind: improving client satisfaction, creating value for the shareholders and building a healthy social climate.

To share Operae Partners’ experience of what works and what needs to be improved in Lean as applied by IT teams in different industries, I co-authored the first French book about Lean IT: “La pratique du lean management dans l’IT” along with the coaches of Operae Partners. Over the years we have led dozens of projects in the various areas of IT: production, maintenance, development and more. This practical guide explains how Lean should be introduced into an IT program and the results one can expect. It is our contribution to development of Lean IT in France.

If you want to learn more about Lean, please watch the following videos of my conference presentations: The value of Lean in IT, How to lead an IT transformation with Lean, What customer satisfaction implies in the services industry and What being a Lean leader means.

I strongly believe that the development of Lean in France and Europe contributes to improving the competitiveness of our businesses and to maintaining employment. It is well worth it!