Defining real clients expectations, establishing processes capable of satisfying them, and applying this success recipe to all processes are the keys to delivering a level of service that pleases the customer. Discover how Lean transformed a large bank's back office.

Training 2000 back office employees in Lean management generated 42 million euros of savings in 6 years

Context and implementation

In 2006, a large banking group decided to launch a Lean transformation in one of its new subsidiaries, with 15,000 people spread out over 800 sites. The project began with the bank’s back office.

In 6 years, 200 successful Lean projects took place in the in back office, IT, HR and other departments.

  • The continuous improvement program involved 2000 employees, who were trained in applying the Lean method to their respective contexts.
  • 12 Lean project leaders received intensive Lean training and became autonomous change agents
  • 7 of these project leaders became Lean coaches, and are now able to train new Lean project leaders.
  • Finally, 3 of the 7 became leaders of the Lean program.

Customer satisfaction and productivity results

Economic gains achieved in 6 years

Quality and stocks results

The processes involved: loan granting, account opening, account termination, method of payment, life insurance and investment...