What makes an organization "digital"? A radically simplified customer experience, intense end-to-end collaboration and, a fast value stream. But to reach this point, one needs to understand customers, experiment quickly and teams working together.
We help companies through these steps with the Lean IT approach. Below are two examples: the first is about agile teams in a large bank in charge of delivering apps, the other is from a world leader fintech, whose highly qualified and motivated agile teams are having a hard time satisfying their users....

Deliver mobile and web apps meeting customers'expectations, faster

Context: Operae Partners coached 3 teams during 10 weeks

In a large bank, centralized agile dev teams deliver Apps and solutions every 3 weeks to teams in various countries who integrate them to their respective local systems. At best, the local teams integrate the new apps only twice a year into their new versions.

We coached the teams to create their project management obeya with two main objectives:

  • – Refocus development on the customers’ actual needs,
  • – Convince local teals to accelerate production releases pace.

Impressive improvement

In only two months of Obeya project management, the agile teams managed to:

  • – reach 100% of their obejectives, they also learnt to see the actual and real situation of the projects;
  • – double the objectives in terms pace of integration of new developments by the local teams ;
  • – design the content of each sprint based on the users’ feedback.

What the teams learned

The challenge was twofold: first understanding the actual situation of the projects, and then align the objectives on the global business strategy.

The teams also realized that the vision of the business analysts did not always exactly match the users expectations. They agreed on sprints that precisely match the immediate customers expectations.

Learn more about Obeya

We are Lean IT experts, in those articles here and there on InfoQ you will learn about the obeya through examples and illustrations from the IT world.

Very agile teams collaborate more efficiently thanks to Lean IT

Context: Highly experienced and motivated agile teams, a renowned product and yet unsatisfied customers

A fintech, worldwide leader in its sector, must reduce both the number of bugs in its application and the resolution time.

The Head of R&D asks Operae Partners to help the teams secure the next delivery of the application.

Operae Partners coached the teams for:

  • a better understanding of the customers needs with the project management obeya with the R&D department;
  • cross functional collaboration around the visual management fitted to each of the 4 teams activity;
  • – fast experimentation and problem solving by every engineer.

The spectacular results

Two years after the initial project, the teams keep doing Lean and the results speak for themselves: the number of defects in the application has been divided by 4.3 and the release lead-time by 2.6.