Transform a business unit or the whole company through the Lean coaching of your employees by an expert team composed of a Mission Director and several Lean coaches.

Three steps towards transformation

1 – Carry on 3 MethodOne pilot projects with different 3 teams
2 – Scale thanks to our replicable method (knowledge can be transferred to your internal change agent team)
3 – Hand over the keys to the managers and make the method durable.

In the meantime, Operae Partners team takes charge of:
– training and coaching the executive team ;
– the governance of the transformation project.

Transformation examples

How to scale the transformation


Define success
Give the means
Learn and master the Lean codes and concepts
Drive financial impacts
Check results arise
Follow the deployment
Take decisions in tough, unexpected situations
Make Lean sustainable:
Adapt management practices within the board
Align individual and collective objectives to sustain improvement on the long term.


Hand over to the managers:

Master the Lean concepts and language

Practice under the benevolent supervision of a coach

Share with your peers to agree on a new management mode

Operational teams

Coach each team:

3 months to initiate change with the support of a coach

6 months to make continuous improvement stick with the support of a coach or a manager

Years to keep improving

Strategic Alignment
For whom? Executive team
Objective: Build a consistent roadmap for the next year and the following 3 years
How: 4 days of group coaching and 6 individual sessions to define the ambitions, compare pre-conceived ideas with real life customers and working reality on the field in order to get to a solid shared roadmap ready to be presented.
Types of Exec teams we coach: GM, Operation, IT, Retail

Gemba walks with the Leader
For whom? CEOs
Objective: Get a clear and precise understanding of how operations actually work in order to refine strategical management
How? 6 individual coaching sessions to observe either the customer or the value that she is expecting, or the processes and the organization. After detailing what he expects from the gemba walk, the coach will explain the exercise that muts be carried on in the field. After the visit, debrief on the observations with the coach.
Types of leaders we coach: GM, COO, CIO, HR Directors.

Managers Academy, in the context of an Agile or Digital transformation
For whom? BU managers
Objective: Give the keys to understand the new system
How? 7 collective coaching sessions (1 per month) and 12 individual coaching sessions to discover new practices and exchange. Concrete practice by the manager, under the coach supervision. Sharing the learnings and findings.
Academy examples: IT production Managers, Project managers within an IT service company, Back offices managers…

Obeya for transformation
For whom? Managers in charge of a transformation
Objective: Rely on a visual management to secure the transformation (digital for example)
How? Design and build the obeya together: coaching of the stake holders on how to run daily meetings in the obeya, pragmatic decision making methods to identify the right decisions to make and search for solutions.
Example: obeya for an IT Department Exec team to deploy agility.