Alessandra Prosa


I joined Operae Partners in 2010, and became manager of our Milan office one year later when it opened.
I have led many Lean projects, mainly with teams in banking agencies who achieved amazing results in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. The banking network has doubled its sales since we started conducting Lean projects with its agencies.
I have extensive experience training Lean project leaders. Moreover, I work with Lean sponsors through all phases of the projects (preparation, implementation, countinuous improvement) in both back-offices and front-offices. I can work in all industries including manufacturing since I spent 5 years doing Lean projects in Italian factories prior to joining Operae Partners.

Why do I do Lean with Operae Partners? In order to give the teams I coach the tools they need to use their know-how in their job. I want each person in the team to develop their skills while creating an environment where they enjoy working and are proud to belong.