Christian Ignace

Partner and Lean coach

I drive Lean transformations in enterprise service departments: IT, call centers, back office, and other support functions. I design and deploy Lean training programs for internal change agents, who in turn sustainably improve the operational and economic performance of teams and business units. I teach the change agents how to transfer the Lean method to people in the field, and continue supporting them throughout the change in management practices.
Prior to Operae Partners, I worked for 19 years in the fields of accounting, IT and business development. I participated in the creation of two startups specialized in software publishing and mail-order.
I am a strong Lean advocate simply because I like it: Lean invites to transform ourselves as well as our management practices. It brings great satisfactions to teams, managers, and their coaches, and yields amazing results. It does requires a high level of discipline which we apply to ourselves at Operae Partners. To me, its secret lies in a true respect for each individual, whether employee, customer and supplier.
I co-authored the first book on Lean IT written in French: “La pratique du lean management dans l’IT”, in which I share some of my experiences in the field and the results obtained by teams that I coached.

Embarking on a Lean journey means making the world a little better. The world of business. Better. Now.