Christophe Mouton

Lean Coach

I worked for 15 years in IT services and I was customer relation manager for a telecom operator when I discovered Lean management.  At that time, we had to deal with unsatisfied customers complaining about incident resolution lead time. With the Lean project, we managed to reduce the lead time by 80% and regain our customer’s trust.  What was even more satisfactory was to see our colleagues adopt the new process very quickly because they had designed it by themselves.

After this very encouraging first experience, I decided to learn further and managed over fifteen more process performance improvement projects with the same operator. In 2015, I had the opportunity to join Operae Partners to share my passion for this method with their team of experts, working for new clients in various sectors.

Lean Management is the only approach that combines operational performance improvement with the respect for people and the development of their skills.