Frédéric Buono

Lean Coach

With a research background, I started my IT career in software development at an insurance software vendor. After this first experience focused on customer satisfaction, quality, and respect for budget and lead-time, I changed for project management.
To face the various needs and requirements of my clients, I used a variety of methodological approaches. I managed, according to the situations, heavy developments with V-model, or less formalized requests in agile mode.
Driven by a strong apetite for innovation, I decided not to specialize in IT or any specific industry. Instead, I focused on customers by managing an “early life support” service and several data centers.
To gain a broader vision of the business, I completed a MBA. This was an opportunity to discover Lean management and, more specifically, the DMAIC approach applied to two areas of sustainable development: carbon footprint and the preservation of human capital. Following this successful experience, I seized the opportunity to join Operae Partners team whose values and goals echo mines.
As a scientific analysis tool, Lean allows to measure problems, identify root causes, and give each person, by improving her practices, the opportunity to fully satisfy the customer.