Rozenn Baccon-Yvay

Lean Coach

With a background of 21 years in banking, I had the opportunity to deploy Lean in several subsidiaries of a large banking group.

Lean is a passion that I have been practicing for almost 15 years. Always curious about its evolution from its creation to the present day, I like above all to share it and make new followers.

After having accompanied colleagues and students in the context of interventions at the university and in a major business school, it is quite natural that I pushed the door of Operae Partners to continue in this desire to share with people who are as passionate as me. It doesn’t take long to realize that mutual peer to peer support and collective emulation are undeniable assets in the success of the missions entrusted to us.

Operae Partners passes on this human wealth to its clients. Therefore I am happy to be part of this new family.